Primarily a web-app developer, I also enjoy creating mobile and desktop apps, emphasizing robust codebases and visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces.

A Brief Timeline of My Life From 2017 To Present

  • What I am currently up to...

    Present Day

    I am employed as a Programmer at SunFrog Solutions creating in house tools, report pages and projects. I also love to hang out with my friends in Traverse City, Michigan and play on my custom built gaming PC. Sometimes I dabble in game creation with Unreal Engine 5 or even Virtual and Mixed Reality with my Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and the HTC Vive.

  • Bachelor of Science: Business - Computer Information Systems

    December 16th, 2022 | MMXXII

    December 16th, 2022 I graduated from Ferris State University with my diploma in Bachelors of Science: Business - Computer Information Systems. I also acquired the Peregrine Certificate for Business Information Systems 499 Integrated Experience for my Capstone class.

  • The Year of The James Webb Telescope

    2022 | MMXXII

    In July I interned at SunFrog Solutions as a part time developer and in October I accepted a full time position as a Systems Developer. I also finished my B.S. in Computer Information Systems at Ferris State University in December.

  • The Year Internet Explorer Died

    2021 | MMXXI

    My company, OK Enterprises changes names to Osterhout & Klein Enterprises LLC. and operates till August when we sell of clients and the partners decide to do other things as lifestyle changes happen after COVID. Personally, I learned a lot about running a company, finding and retaining clients, setting reasonable goals and reaching them as well as the government bureaucracy in opening and closing a company.

  • The Year of COVID-19

    2020 | MMXX

    Along with starting studies at Ferris State University, OK Enterprises enters business officially in the official worst year to make a business. We still power through to offer services for small and medium businesses which include Application Development such as Web, Mobile and Desktop, as well as other digital creative agency services like Website Design and Development as well as SEO and email marketing. Also found OK Foundations, an 502 Non Profit, as a way to offer OK Enterprise services for free to struggling businesses due to COVID-19.

  • The Year of The Mandalorian

    2019 | MMXIX

    Last year of studies at Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) and founded Chatversity as well as OK Enterprises which was designed as a parent company for various ventures for the partners of OK Enterpises. Chatversity was made as a way to market an application my classmates and I made earlier that spring for a capstone project. Also started work on a semi complete Golfing robot...

  • The Year That Microsoft Bought GitHub

    2018 | MMXVIII

    First full year of college after High School graduation in 2017 and the most notable things I did this year was get my MTA Certifications from Microsoft for Software and Database Fundamentals. I also planned out my Bachelors for Ferris State University and decided to go for the Computer Information Systems degree.

  • The Year I Graduated From HighSchool

    2017 | MMXVII

    Graduate from Traverse City West Senior Highschool as well as entered the Northwestern Michigan College Computer Information Systems program. My semester project for my first programming class in C# was a simple Virtual Reality game that works with the HTC Vive headset. That summer I also bought said HTC Vive and got super into Virtual Reality and VR game development with Unity and then switched to Unreal Engine.

A Brief Look At Some Of My Projects

Noah Osterhout Website

This websites source code is available on my GitHub!

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The Boyos Discord Bot

The Boyos Discord Bot is a custom NodeJS and JavaScript Discord moderation, music playing and misc bot created by me and one of my close friend Wyatt J. Miller!

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Chatversity (Archived)

Winning Capstone project of spring 2019 where the team had the idea to make it simpler for college students to create school groups and find them.

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ISYS 431 Senior Capstone ERP

As part of a team of students programmers, we designed, developed and deployed an inventory ERP system for a real world client. We utilized technologies such as TypeScript, Angular, .NET, SQL Server, and more to create the program and give it the functionality the client wanted for his business.

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WordPress Lorem Ipsum Generator with Faker via Composer

Fork of MatteoManna WP Lorem Ipsum but I implemented Faker generator via Composer which actually will generate semi real data instead of regular Lorem Ipsum data. This can be used to fill out various fields as placeholders or any other reason you would want to use Lorem Ipsum.

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